GST Data

Letter Number Date Subject Download
58/GST-16. 30-05-2019 Account Code used for GST Transactions. Download

Archive : 2018 , 2017 , 2016 , 2015

Number Date Subject Download
Memo No. 131/CAO/CAC-2872. 25-09-2019 DAE of all Cardres - Action against applied for DAE but did not appear in the Examination. Download
Memo No. 246/CAO/CAC-10. 24-09-2019 Payment of Bonus for the FY 2018-19 to the Employees of UHBVN. Download
Memo No. 256/CAO/Exam/UH-Accounts. 09-09-2019 Notification for Conducting of DAE for Engineering Officer's & Subordinates to be conducted through PU, UIAMS, Chandigarh of HPUs. Download
Memo No. 256/CAO/Exam/UH-Accounts. 06-09-2019 Result/Marks Statement of DAE for SO Part-I, SO Part-II & AO conducted by UIAMS, PU, Chandigarh from 28.06.2019 to 02.07.2019- Verification Sheets/Obtain Copy of Answer Book (Last 12.09.2019 to 07.10.2019). Download
Memo No. 622/CAO/Cash/UH-31. 21-05-2019 Issue od Duty Certificate in respect of Contractual Employees. Download
Memo No. 45/CAO/UH/CAC/UH-08. 22-05-2019 Roll No's & Admit Cards of Departmental Accounts Examination for Ministerial Establishment Conducted by PU (UIAMS), from 30.05.2019 to 03.06.2019. Download
Memo No. 226/CAO/UH-Accounts. 10-05-2019 Notofication for conducting of DAE for SO Part-I & SO Part-II & AO to be conducted through PU, UIAMS, Chandigarh of HPU. Download
Memo No. 33/CAO/Estt/UH-08. 10-05-2019 DAE for Ministerial Establishment to be conducted through PU, Chandigarh of HPUs - Date Sheet. Download
Memo No. 187/CAO/Estt/UH. 03-05-2019 Members of Circle Purchase Committee for FY 2019-20. Download
Memo No. 5712/CAO/P&A. 30-03-2019 Speaking Order CWP-5563-A of 1989. Download
Memo No. 8/CAO/Exam/UH-08. 08-04-2019 Notification for conducting of Departmental Accounts Examination for Ministerial Establishment to be conducted on outsourced basis through Panjab Univeristy, UIAMS Chandigrah of Haryana Power Utilites. Download
Memo No. CA/WA/UH/NDC/Misc-2/Ch-29. 01.04.2019 Objection Book as per clause-8 of O/o No. 99/CA/WA dated 12.12.2013 updated as on 31.03.2019. Download
Memo No. 213/CAO/Exam/UH-Accounts. 28-03-2019 Result/Marks Statement of HPU, DAE for SO Part-I, SO Part-II & AO conducted from 01.02.2019 to 18.02.2019 Cerification of AnswerSheets/Obtain Copy (Last 01.04.2019 & 26.04.2019). Download
Memo No. 5678/CAO/P&A. 25-03-2019 Speaking Order of dated 01.03.2018 in CWP No. 5124 2018 titled as Ved Parkash & Ors. Vs State of Haryana & Ors. Download
Corrigendum to Memo No. 11628/A/CAO/UH/Pen-W/C. 18-01-2019 Corrigendum to Memo No. 11628/A/CAO/UH/Pen-W/C.. Download
Memo No. 195/CAO/Exam/UH-Accounts. 16-01-2019 DAE for SO Part-I, Part-II & AO to be conducted in Dec 2018, Rescheduled from 01.02.2019 to 05.02.2019. Download
Memo No. 99/CAO/Exam/UH-09. 15-01-2019 Schedule of conducting DAE of all categories by UIAMS, PU, Chandigarh for calender year 2019. Download
Memo No. 31/CAO/Exam/UH-8. 27-12-2018 Revision of Syllabus of Departmental Accounts Examination of all cadres of HPU's & other related issues. Download